RC Brusnica


Recreation – summer season

We can guarantee you improved physical and mental health through active vacation, walking, sunbathing, hiking, sports competition, and more. Here, at the recreational center “Brusnica” we have a beach volleyball court, five a side football, badminton, surrounding nature is ideal for hiking. Hence, we organize hiking tours to the built picnic sites by the springs, bellevue peaks, rest points.

Recreational weekends for companies is the perfect way for team building, relaxation, relief of stress and health protection. After you spend the recreational weekend in nature, surrounded by forest freshness, peace and clean air, you will be ready for a new working day.

Our recreational center offers possibilities for local clubs to come for training activities (karate, beach volleyball, athletics, five-a-side football, other), and other clubs or associations can do fitness, yoga, scouting or outdoor school.

Whether you are arriving individually or as a team, you can find company and equipment for the selected number of recreational activities here at the centre. Renting sports equipment or off-road vehicles, you can arrange at the “Brusnica” hotel reception desk.